Symptoms of Kaliyuga from Mahabharat – Part 1

The 5 Symptoms of Kaliyug described by Yudhistira

It is a well-known fact for all of us that the present time is the age of Kali (quarrel) according to the Indian scriptures. The age when only 1/4th of the dharma (righteousness) remains, hence causing disorderedness in the society. Maximum of the population in this age get deviated from the path of righteousness and their duty. People themselves become the cause of their sufferings. And these things are clearly visible these days.

The symptoms of Kalyuga are already mentioned in the Indian scriptures. These scriptures when studied sincerely tell us a lot of facts and help us to be aware of self.

Well, many texts are describing the symptoms of kaliyuga, but we can’t consider every text in a single article. Hence, in this article, we will cover a text from the Mahabharata and check the others in the later articles.

I can assure it to the readers that the information described in the article will be fun and relatable. Moreover, as you proceed, you’ll find a lot of lessons in this.

bheem sen consultancy

Bheem Sen Consultancy Centre

This incident dates back when the Pandava’s were ruling the ‘Bharat Bhumi’ (the land of king Bharat). Emperor Yudhistira has kept order in his kingdom. He often interacted with the population to keep a check in their condition. People came to him with their problems and the emperor would solve them easily.

This triggered Bheem Sen’s curiosity. He thought that he will be able to solve the problems of the people coming to Yudhistira Maharaj. Therefore, he decided to solve all their problems. Hence, opened his consultancy centre, ‘Bheem Sen Consultancy Services’. (Readers are requested not to take this name seriously, this is done to bring humour to the content).

People have Weird Problems

As Bheem Sen’s Consultancy Services was opened people started coming with their problems. Bheem solved their problems. One day it happened that, five persons came with their problems. He entertained them individually.

The first man came with his problem. He said, “Bheem, I fenced my field to protect the crop. Now the fence has turned to destroy the crop.”

The problem was very weird, Bheem was shocked by listening to this problem. He wondered how come the fence destroy the crops. He got agitated with the man and sent him to Yudhistir.

Symptoms of Kaliyuga

Next, the second man came, his complain was like, “I filled glasses with a jug, but now the same glasses couldn’t fill the particular jug.” This was yet another weird issue. This seemed very impractical for him. He got irritated and then sent him to emperor Yudhistir again.

Symptoms of Kaliyuga

Bheema was confused hearing such problems. The problems seemed impractical to him. Well, the next man shared his problem, “I tried to pass an elephant through a needle. The elephant’s body passed, but the tail got stuck.” This also seemed very impractical. This time too, he sent the man to Yudhistir.

symptoms of kaliyuga

Next, the fourth man came. His problem was like, “My cow gave birth to a calf. Later she killed and ate it.” This problem made no sense for him. How come a cow eats her calf being herbivorous. Even the carnivorous animals do not eat their children. Even if the cow turns up to be a carnivore, it would not eat its calf. Again he sent the man to the emperor.

Now Bheema doubted his problem-solving abilities, his confidence level fell. He decided he would close his consultancy service if he fails to solve this problem. Next, the fifth man came to him. He said, “one of his neighbours has tied the mountains with a rope. Now he is pulling and shaking them and ultimately breaking them.” He was astonished hearing this problem. He reckoned that even he couldn’t break mountains using a rope being so powerful. Ultimately, he failed to solve this problem and sent him to Yudhistir Maharaj.

Symptoms of Kaliyuga

Yudhistira Reveals the Solutions

After Bheem failed in his final attempt, he did put down the shutter of his consultancy firm. He then came to Yudhistir Maharaj to know about the solutions to those five problems.

As he reached the Yudhistira’s court, he found no one except the emperor and his wife. The five people who came to him were gone. This astonished him!

He asked Yudhistira, “How did you solve those impractical problems ?”

Hearing this, Yudhistira laughed and replied, “Oh my innocent brother, those men were none other than the symptoms of the upcoming age, the Kaliyug”.

Bheema didn’t get the point and further asked his brother to explain.

Yudhistira then revealed the solution to each problem individually.

The first problem was “the fence ate the crop.” This problem indicates the protectors in Kaliyuga will be the one to exploit the protected. This is clearly visible in today’s world. Let us check some examples to this.

Employers, who are meant to protect the interests of their employees, are the one to exploit them.

We also have a clear example of China, who claim to help the economically poor countries but end up exploiting those countries for the sake of self benefits.

The second problem was, “jug filled the glass, but the glass didn’t fill the jug.” This is an indication of the ungrateful attitude of the people of this age. We do have a crystal clear example of this in the form of a rising trend of the old age homes. Parents put all their efforts in bringing up their children. But when it’s the children’s turn to serve their old parents, they simply hide their face from this duty. Stats show the rise of the old age homes has been increasing rapidly. Check here.

The third problem was, “the elephant’s body passed through the needle hole, but the tail was stuck.” This problem indicates, the elite level criminals will easily pass through the law and will roam freely in the world whereas small criminals will be the one to remain behind the bars. And this too is visible in today’s world. The high-level scammers are living in luxury whereas the people with very less crime levels are behind the bars. This is a serious concern for us.

The fourth problem was, “cow gave birth and then ate her calf.” This indicates that people in Kaliyug will kill their child for selfish reasons. This is a serious concern for a civilised society. The growth of abortion rates is terrible. The beautiful relation between a mother and her child is also being painted with blood and selfishness. Female foeticide is a good example of this. According to stats, 47 in 1000 women aged between 15-49 take up abortion.

Hearing all these Bheem felt very low. Yudistira said, “Do not worry, 1 last solution is still left. This will be a positive one.” Bheem regained his enthusiasm and started hearing again.

The fifth problem was, “a person breaking the mountains by just pulling a rope.” Yudhistira assured Bheema this to be a positive symptom. In the age of Kali, where only 1/4th of the dharma remains; mountains of sins will be formed. These sinful mountains will be easily broken using a simple rope in the form of the holy names of the Lord. Chanting the holy names will easily destroy these mountains.

According to the famous scripture, the Srimad Bhagavatam, chanting remains the only possible way to be free from all sins. Moreover, this is the easiest task for a human being to be free from all activities of ignorance. Only chanting holy names can break these mountains.

The chant of “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare; Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare” will be the medium for a person to get rid of envy, anger, ignorance, false ego, depression, and many others. This will help to lift the character and open up their spiritual account. The person will feel enlightened and dance in eternal ecstasy upon chanting this transcendental manta.


In this age, people take pride being in the modes of passion and ignorance. But people fail to understand these are the cause of their sufferings. Hence to get rid of these sufferings, we shall take shelter of the Supreme Lord.

Like the fish near the feet of the fisherman, never get caught in his net. Similarly for us, being in the shelter of the Supreme Lord will save us from being caught the material sufferings or illusions.

I would end the topic here. Please feel free to let me know about your feedback and queries in the comment section.

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  2. Durga Shankar Pati Tripathi

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare; Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare

    What a praiseworthy and practical article you have written!!Really awesome!
    It is 💯% relatable to the contemporary world.
    The possible solution put up by you i.e. to pray the Lord ; is the one and only solution to deal with any problem in Kaliyuga
    Thank you again Arghya Brother!

    1. Thank you brother!
      Actually this solution was put up by the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna when he left for his abode. And Rishi Ved Vyas also mentioned this in the Holy Srimad Bhagavatam. Hare Krishna 🙏

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