GK for PK – Part 1

GK for PK - Part 1

gk for pk


In the movie PK, the character played by Amir Khan raised a lot of questions about the customs followed by different religions. In this movie, PK is an innocent alien who did not know anything about the earth. He learns everything from a prostitute and starts speaking about religion and its principles.

His only source of learning was the prostitute, who herself is unaware of spirituality and its applications in our life. Still, PK with his mental speculation debates with different religious leaders and defeats them. However, the movie showed that the religious leaders were not able to answer those questions. In this article, we will try to answer some of his questions. So, here are some GK for PK.

GK for PK

‘Jo dara, wo mandir gaya’- is it true?

The movie claims only the afraid, go to the temple. But this is not the only truth. Krishna mentions 4 types of people who go to the temple.


catur-vidhā bhajante māṁ  janāḥ su-kṛtino ’rjuna
ārto jijñāsur arthārthī  jñānī ca bharatarṣabha – BG 7.16

Translation: O best among the Bhāratas, four kinds of pious men begin to render devotional service unto Me – the distressed, the desirer of wealth, the inquisitive, and he who is searching for knowledge of the Absolute.

  • One who is distressed & wants relief from the suffering
  • One who wants material benefits
  • One who is inquisitive about God
  • One who is in knowledge about God

Therefore, it is clear, not everyone who is afraid, goes to the temple. People go to the temple or any worshipping place to develop character, knowledge, get mental strength and make themselves fearless.

Therefore, Jo mandir gaya, wo nidar huwa!

Is religion a business run by godmen to exploit people’s fear?

The movie claims all religions to be big business houses that shamelessly exploit people’s fear and helpless conditions. But this is not true. Though some cults do the same but not all. Thus, to save ourselves from them, we need to know what religion is. Srimad Bhagavatam distinguishes between real dharma and kaitava dharma (cheating religion). Real religion is propounded by those saintly people who are not envious of anyone. The author of Srimad Bhagavatam, Sri Vyasadeva, affirms that by reading Bhagavatam, one will be able to distinguish between real religion and cheating religions. When one understands and follows the real religion, he is relieved from all distress and his life is filled with auspiciousness.

gk for pk

Is religion made by man or by God?

Real religion is made by God. dharmam tu saksat bhagavat pranitam: The codes of religion are given by the Supreme Lord and the purpose of religion is to develop love for God. This is confirmed by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. The Vedas have manifested from the Lord Himself.

karma brahmodbhavaṁ viddhi  brahmākṣara-samudbhavam
tasmāt sarva-gataṁ brahma  nityaṁ yajñe pratiṣṭhitam – BG 3.15

Translation: Regulated activities are prescribed in the Vedas, and the Vedas are directly manifested from the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Consequently, the all-pervading Transcendence is eternally situated in acts of sacrifice.

Though there are some foolish people who make their self concocted religion and exploit people’s belief. But that is not a real religion, only superstitions develop from them. To know religion, one must approach a bonafide spiritual master who comes in a disciplic succession descending directly from Krishna (ref BG 4.2). The person should enquire about religion from his spiritual master in a submissive mood. Therefore, he can know what religion is. Unlike PK, who learnt from a prostitute, we must learn from a proper spiritual master. This is also stated in Bhagavad Gita (4.34).

tad viddhi praṇipātena  paripraśnena sevayā
upadekṣyanti te jñānaṁ  jñāninas tattva-darśinaḥ – BG 4.34

Translation: Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized souls can impart knowledge unto you because they have seen the truth.

The words of the bonafide spiritual master act as guiding light for people suffering in the darkness of ignorance. When we hear from such a person, we will be able to understand the real purpose of religion.

How can worshipping a cow get someone a job?


We do not worship the cow to get some material benefits. We worship the cow as our mother. She feeds us with her milk and it’s our duty as civilised humans to render some service to her as a sense of gratitude. We treat her like a mother and this is a symbol of respect. The movie questions the worshipping of a cow; but why does not it raise questions on cow slaughter? Is it even moral to eat the meat of someone who provides us with milk? All those nonsense are supported but respecting the holy animal is a superstition by so-called educated and secular people.


Thus, we have found out some answers to the questions raised by PK. We shall try to address the rest of the questions in upcoming articles.

Thank You for reading the article. The above translations and purports are taken from Bhagavad Gita as it is by His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada. Hare Krishna.

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    The one who attains omniscience is the lord and the religion propagated by him is always the right path

  2. I loved these lines:
    Real religion is propounded by those saintly people who are not envious of anyone.
    We do not worship the cow to get some material benefits. We worship the cow as our mother.
    The movie questions the worshipping of a cow; but why does not it raise questions on cow slaughter?

    Well written article. I am overwhelmed after reading this.
    This article is something which should have been published very soon after realising of the mentioned movie.
    I am thankful to the author for teaching and clearing such misleading information about one’s religion. This article should be shared as much as possible because the movie PK has put a very serious impact on the young minds about their own religion and the true meaning of Secularism is looming.

    Really it was an excellent article!❤️

  3. Somenath Gorai

    Your way of explanation is really amazing!

    With proofs and sastric quotes it makes the content more authentic!
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